Colour schemes Part 2

Choosing the style
Manufacturers produce a huge variety of paints and papers, covering many colours, styles and textures. Sometimes the choice can seem overwhelming, making your decision harder.

To help you, we would advise you take a picture of your room and print it, take photocopies and use these to test out colour combinations and patterns. You will soon find out what will work for your room.

How colours are placed affect your room.
A warm colour draws a surface towards you and can create a cosy effect.

A cool colour takes the surface away from you and creates an impression of space.

A dark colour draws a surface towards you and can make the ceiling appear lower.

Using both a dark floor colour and a dark ceiling colour draws the two surfaces together.

Vertical stripes draw the eye upwards and therefore appear to heighten a room.

Large patters bring walls towards you and can be used to best effect in large rooms.

Small patterns, like cool colours, create an illusion of space.

Darker colour on the lower walls encloses the space; a light area above creates an illusion of space.

Colour schemes Part 1

The right colour scheme can considerably enhance a room, colour and patterns can change both the atmosphere and shape of a room.

To pick the right colour and pattern for your room you will need to consider the following questions first:-

Is your room light or dark, sunny or cold?
Is it long and thing, or small yet high-ceilinged?
What is its use?

Careful planning before you make any changes ensures a successful end result.