Art and Design

I studied & attained a Foundation Course in Art & Design followed by a degree in communication design (Graphics, Illustration & Visual Language, with Business Studies). It's with these academic qualifications that Kings Of Decor transcends the normal standard of Painter & Decorator. A true sensibility of spacial awareness, sympathetic view to architectural style, and impact of good design is ensured.


A long running exponent of Aerosol Art. I started painting with Spray paints back in the mid 1980s.

Then going on to being one of the artists that got Brighton World Wide attention back in the 1990s, & having painted murals in such places as Poland & South Africa.

I am still heavily involved in the Street Art World, painting regularly in & around Brighton, London, Kent & Suffolk. I am currently getting ready for an exhibtion of work at a collaborative show in Soho at the start of 2013 as part of the 17/17 Collective.

Kings of Decor

Having identified a gap in the market for truly high end finish, Kings of Decor brings back the 'craftsman's ' approach to the trade.

Starting painting and decorating in 1993 and having worked for various big contractors in the Brighton area and further afield, the observation was made that there is a distinct difference in approaches to the finishing of work.

Time has shown there is all too often a mentality of 'just get the job done', regardless of how prestige the client's job may be.  Kings Of Decor's aim is to attain a superior finish every time. 

Attention to detail is paramount to a successful completion of job, as are a real love, patience, and understanding of materials and surfaces for getting things to a level of perfection that will compliment your home.

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